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Charlie and the Ice Dragon: The Secret Realm (Pehmeäkantinen)

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Charlie Travis was a ten-year-old boy who lived with his mother. Each night he dreamt of being a great and bold knight and leading the kings army into battle. This summer he was going to stay at his grandmothers house in the country. Here he would met Peter and become close friends; together they were about to set out on a wonderful adventure. While walking in the great west wood, the silver cloud sent from the secret realm. Would ensure they found the doorway and enter the secret realm. After they had met Azrimore the ice-dragon and had agreed to go with him. Charlie would find the proof, that a thousand year old prophesy which told of a boy king, was true. He would also find out that, he was the boy king and with help from the book of prophesy. He and peter would be able to complete the great task ahead of him. Suddenly he found all of his dreams were coming true. Dreams were he was a great and bold knight; dreams of leading great armies into battle were all coming true. However, unlike his dreams he would also hear the sounds of battle and the enemy in front of him was real. He would also fell the fear of battle and has to overcome this fear. Small details that are often over looked in a dream, but when a dream is sudden turned into reality. They are the small details that can strike and fill your heart with fear. Only with the help of his friends and the book of prophesy would he be able to see it through to the end. Just when he thinks it is all over allowing peter and himself to think, they would soon be going home. Destiny sneaks up on him and reveals more about who Charlie really is. He is shown how his life and time are inter-woven. This would not be the end for Charlie, there were to be many adventures ahead. This was just beginning of his new life and he had many tasks laying before him.