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Lipid Modification of Proteins: A Practical Approach (Pehmeäkantinen)

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Recent developments have revealed that proteins can undergo a diverse range of modifications by lipids which can dramatically effect their structural and functional properties. These modifications include acylation, isoprenylation, and the attachment of glycolipid. Written by acknowledged experts in the field, this unique guide describes the latest biochemical, cell biological, and molecular biological techniques being used in this rapidly expanding area. The book discusses lipid modifications of proteins which play important roles in cellular signalling, protein targeting and cellular growth and differentiation. Detailed protocols are provided for all the key techniques, and the relevant background material is included. The book will be an essential manual for a wide range of scientists studying the modification of protein by lipids, including membrane and protein biochemists, cell biologists, immunologists, bacteriologists, parasitologists, and virologists.