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Migrating to AWS: A Manager's Guide: How to Foster Agility, Reduce Costs, and Bring a Competitive Edge to Your Business (Pehmeäkantinen)


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Jeff Armstrong
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Bring agility, cost savings, and a competitive edge to your business by migrating your IT infrastructure to AWS. With this practical book, executive and senior leadership and engineering and IT managers will examine the advantages, disadvantages, and common pitfalls when moving your company's operations to the cloud. Author Jeff Armstrong brings years of practical hands-on experience helping dozens of enterprises make this corporate change. You'll explore real-world examples from many organizations that have made--or attempted to make--this wide-ranging transition. Once you read this guide, you'll be better prepared to evaluate your migration objectively before, during, and after the process in order to ensure success. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of migrating to AWS, including the risks to your business and technology Begin the process by discovering the applications and servers in your environment Examine the value of AWS migration when building your business case Address your operational readiness before you migrate Define your AWS account structure and cloud governance controls Create your migration plan in waves of servers and applications Refactor applications that will benefit from using more cloud native resources